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    GALEA is a perfect solution where contemporary aesthetics and functionality are required. The glass top and side panels provide a transparent feel and make it ideal for the most demanding building entrances. As with the other speedgate series and to enhance security, the  Sweeper equipped with sensors to detect bottoming out​ is fitted with optical sensors to prevent tailgating. The wings (doors) of the Sweeper are made from tempered glass with LED backlighting.


    • Sweeper equipped with sensors to detect bottoming out;

    • Successful combination of affordable price / high quality;

    • possibility of customizable top cover surface finish;

    • Stable housing suitable for high traffic areas;

    • Solution for disabled and PRM access;

    • Can be integrated with any type of access control system;

    • Low energy consumption;

    • Low noise system operation;

    • Can be mounted on a mobile platform (FB Mecasystem Frame-M).


    • Wired remote control panel.

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