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    Totem traffic light

    Product specifications and complete sets may differ from those shown in the photo.

    About the product

    Totem traffic light – is a sturdy column that is used for controlling access to territory protected by a retractable bollard or roadblocker. It may be fitted with bidirectional traffic lights (red and green) indicating the authorization of access and the state of the obstacle as well as a sign for the integration of a wide variety of accessories: intercom, badge reader, camera, fire brigade access, digital code…

    Technical specifications:
    Tube diameter, mm 273
    Plate width, mm 346
    Hauteur, mm, mm 1668 (with traffic light) / 1298 (without traffic light)
    Operating mode bidirectional left / right
    Type of lighting LED lighting module diameter 95 mm
    Protection level IP54
    Voltage from a DC 12 V source (0.5 A)

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