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    Product specifications and complete sets may differ from those shown in the photo.

    About the product

    FB Mecasystem M30 high security road blockers offer the highest level of ramming protection for road traffic. Intended to block unauthorized access of traffic in a secure area, this equipment has been examined and verified to withstand the high speed impact of heavy goods vehicles. This series of FB Mecasystem road blockers has successively passed the crash and road accident tests thanks to which it has been certified according to the standards ASTM F2656-07, M50, P1 (-2.4m) and ASTM F2656-07, M30, P1 (-2.1m). Our M30 road blocker has been developed by experienced engineers who have extensive knowledge, experience and qualification in the construction and production of very high safety road barrier type products. Due to the high level of safety required for this product, this series has been extensively tested to verify and ensure maximum performance and reliability during high intensity operations. This equipment is available in standard blocking widths of 2-4 meters, but the customer also has the option of using other combinations of parts and modules to accommodate varying aisle / road widths.

    Technical specifications:
    Model RB312-01 RB313-01 RB314-01
    Type of installation Shallow mounted
    drive Hydraulic (HPU)
    Width, mm 2000 3000 4000
    Height, mm 800
    Impact resistance, J 656,000
    Axle load, t 15
    Rise time, sec 3.5 (1.5 with EFO)
    Lowering time, sec 3б5
    Operating temperatures *, ° C - 40 / + 60
    Power source 3 phase 380 V, 50/60 Hz
    Protection level IP 67 (for route blocker)
    IP 54 (for control box
    Materials C22 structural steel (powder coated)
    * For temperatures below -10 ° C, use the heating device
    for temperatures above + 40 ° C, use the cooling device

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