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    FRB ARGES city-light

    Product specifications and complete sets may differ from those shown in the photo.

    About the product

    FRB ARGES city-light is an innovative part of the FB Mecasystem range of safety barriers. This type of equipment is designed to control vehicle access in favor of pedestrians. FRB ARGES city-light does not require deep installation and can be an alternative to conventional equipment of this type. Depending on the type of model, the bottom of the tank and the drainage pit, the installation depth is only 250 mm to 350 mm. This technology greatly simplifies the installation and maintenance process. The varied and combined features make FRB ARGES city-light a perfect solution for a variety of simple to complex projects.

    Technical specifications:
    Model RB319-01
    Type of installation Shallow mounted
    drive Hydraulic
    Width, mm 265
    Height, mm 600
    Installation depth, mm 246
    Dimensions of foundation box, mm 1137x360x246
    Axle load, t 15
    Rise time, sec ~ 5
    Lowering time, sec ~ 4
    Operating temperatures *, ° C -33 / + 40
    Current source 1 phase 230 V, 50/60 Hz
    Protection level IP 67 for road blocker
    IP 55 for control box
    Materials - Brushed stainless steel AISI 304
    C22 structural steel (powder coated)
    * for temperatures below -10 ° C, use the heater / for temperatures above + 40 ° C use the cooling device

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