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    Product specifications and complete sets may differ from those shown in the photo.

    About the product

    FB Mecasystem’s high security M50 automatic bollards are designed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering secure areas and to guarantee and cover the highest level of security and anti-terrorism protection. Most often, this model of equipment is used in high and very high risk places where maximum protection of people and property is required. Usually they are installed in places with an increased risk of attack by trucks and other heavy vehicles, such as public places (stadiums, fairs), government institutions and establishments, sensitive companies or other military infrastructures, etc. in single or multiple units with an external hydraulic station equipped with a PLC, connected via hydraulic hoses. A control panel with a separate push button is used for manual control and is most often placed in the control room. All our equipment can be slaved to ACS and other vehicle access control equipment without difficulty.

    Technical specifications:
    Model RB342
    Security class ASTM F 2656-07, M50, P1 (-0.6m)
    drive Hydraulic (external)
    Tube diameter, mm 325
    Tube height, mm 1200
    Wall thickness, mm 20
    Impact resistance, kJ 1845.0
    Axle load, t 15
    Increasing speed, cm / sec ~ 30
    Lowering speed, cm / sec ~ 36
    Operating temperature *, ° С -40 / 60 +
    Power source 3 phase 400 V, 50/60 Hz
    Protection level IP 67 for Bollard
    IP55 for the control box
    Tube materials - Galvanized and powder coated tube (any RAL available on request)
    - Stainless steel sleeve / housing on request
    * for temperatures below -10 ° C, use the heater / for temperatures above + 40 ° C use the cooling device

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