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    Road blocking systems

    FB Mecasystem designs and manufactures road blocking systems: retractable bollards, bollards, automatic bollards, semi-automatic bollards, road blocker, harrows. Our road blocking products are manufactured to meet the highest K4, K8 and K12 requirements for the RB series. From shallow depth to standard dimensions, our road blockers, road obstacles and retractable bollards fit perfectly into different indoor and outdoor environments: center of Paris, cobbled street, rural town, historic center, car park, embassy, building, street , road, airport, luxury goods, warehouse … Our products are all tested by independent private organizations and guarantee a high level of safety against ram vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and light vehicles.

    Road obstacles

    FB Mecasystem road barriers are robustly manufactured and designed to meet the many needs of controlling one or more accesses to light and heavy vehicles; road lock, entry and exit of parking lots, tolls, hospitals, offices, logistics, business centers, car dealerships, cinemas, exhibitions, hotels, stations, airports … The rails of modular sizes are equipped with LED light indicators.

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