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    Full height turnstiles

    Thanks to a multitude of variations available, the M-Star, G-Star and N-Star half-height turnstiles adapt harmoniously to all styles of interior architecture. Whether in entrance areas, confidential areas or for access to areas reserved for teams, turnstiles and gates effectively regulate the flow of visitors and employees. All installations are compatible with pointing systems and badge readers, as well as contactless identification or biometric recognition systems. With the goal of security and access control, the FB Mecasystem half-height turnstile series represents a variety of low-cost, first-level integrated security solutions, both indoors and outdoors. This type of turnstile fits perfectly into a guide fence with a centrally rotating column and glass wings that adjust to the width of the passage to be controlled.

    Our mid-height turnstiles with a choice of metal or glass wing materials, are suitable for exterior or interior applications and will easily be slaved to electronic access control systems on the market.

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