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    Tripod turnstiles

    Tripod turnstiles in one or two legs version

    FB Mecasystem tripod turnstiles are available in one or two leg versions and have been designed to be durable and efficient, both indoors and outdoors. Their durability and low power consumption make the Twix, Bastion and Centurion essential for areas with heavy regular traffic that require a moderate level of security. All FB Mecasystem engineers have scrupulously studied the entire design chain in order to offer the best value for money for the chosen tripod turnstile. The whole range is perfectly suited to controlling access such as sports halls, swimming pools, ice rinks, cultural centers, museums, etc. The tripod turnstile has become an effective alternative to access security in the absence of reception staff. Buying a tripod security turnstile also allows you to count the number of people and manage its occupancy rate in real time.

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