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    Swing gates

    To provide physical security and, at the same time, allow access to users in wheelchairs or with oversized equipment, as well as ensure emergency evacuation, the automatic doors produced by “FB Mecasystem” are offered with all the necessary and mandatory features. Swivel turnstile type security systems are generally used in addition to installed tripod turnstiles to ensure the availability of the above mentioned features.

    Our half height automatic door type products can be controlled through a variety of access and identification control solutions, including biometrics, card readers, barcode or QR code readers as well as manually. via the command pad. Each FB Mecasystem oscillating door is bidirectional with an inclination angle of 90 ° for each direction. The standby time of the open position can be adjusted and changed from the access control system or managed by the control keypad. It should be noted that this safety equipment is designed and used for low or medium intensity pedestrian traffic. For use with high intensity, use the GALEA range.


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