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    Product specifications and complete sets may differ from those shown in the photo.

    About the product

    It is well known that the entrance to a building is the business card of the company; it is she who makes the first impression on the visitor. Thanks to their design, “FB Mecasystem” revolving doors save a large amount of energy when entering or leaving the building and at the same time ensure increased security of access. The transparent design adds aesthetic appeal to the entrance area, which is representative of the entire building. The thermal separation of the building is not affected by the revolving door as its slim design limits low flow.

    All glass units with elegant stainless steel profiles provide an elegant design which is one of the key demands of our customers. The security equipment represented by four automatic or manual “FB Mecasystem” circular revolving doors can provide ideal comfort for your office building, hospital, shopping center, train station or airport

    Height, mm 2600
    Length, mm 2580
    Diameter, mm 2500
    Passage width, min 1100
    Weight, kg (no more) 500
    Number of door leaves 4
    Type of glass Tempered safety glass
    Finishing Polished / brushed stainless steel
    Function Can be turned manually, smoothly
    Brushes Sealing the door leaves
    Handles Stainless steel handles, polished / pushed
    Tension from alternating current (100-240) V, 50/60 Hz
    from a DC 12 V source
    Case rating IP54

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