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    Access control Push button Motorized Bi-Directional

    Product specifications and complete sets may differ from those shown in the photo.

    About the product

    TURN GATE is a type of one lane full height turnstile. It ensures an anti-vandal level of security for a wide variety of possible applications: stadiums, factories, parks and all premises with the highest security requirements. Sturdiness and durability are guaranteed by a rugged fully welded design.


    • Can be supplied fully welded or in disassembled condition, which has a perfect effect on transport costs;
    • The turnstile is bidirectional;
    • Depending on the conditions of the installation location and customer’s requirements, different kinds of materials can be produced;
    • Y-type or X-type rotor according to your choice;
    • Easy integration with any type of ACS;
    • Low power consumption and quiet operation;
    • Possibility of customization
    • Fail safe or fail secure for your choice;
    • Indoor / outdoor application.
    Unit dimensions (LxWxH), mm Type X - 1254x1300x2300
    Type Y - 1420x1158x2300
    Type X - 1254x1300x2300
    Type Y - 1420x1158x2300
    Number of wings (angle) Type X - 4 (90 °)
    Type Y - 3 (120 °)
    Passage capacity, person / minute 20
    Passage width, mm Type X - 510
    Y type - 650
    Weight, kg (no more) Type X - 375
    Y type - 375
    Standard mechanism Electromechanical Servo drive (motorized)
    Mechanism available Servo drive (motorized)
    Standard box Brushed SS AISI 304
    Accommodation available Brushed SS AISI 316
    SS AISI 304 polished
    SS AISI 316 polished
    RAL powder coated
    Tension from alternating current (100-240) V, 50/60 Hz
    from DC 12 V source
    Maximum consumption, W / pass 155 55
    MCBF, cycles 1,500,000
    Case rating IP41 / 54 *
    Temperature range, ° C - 40 / + 40
    Fail safe
    Fail secure
    * the first number is for installation indoor, the second digit is for outdoor installation.
    The protection level could go up to IP65 on request.

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