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    TWIC wireless control panel

    Product specifications and complete sets may differ from those shown in the photo.

    About the product

    Wireless control panel FB MECASYSTEM TWIC was developed for the remote operation of several turnstiles and road blocking equipment. The space-saving 8 ” touchscreen has been specially designed to be placed in a reception desk or security control area.

    Its user-friendly graphics require minimal training to navigate through the different pages, allowing the user to remotely control turnstile lanes with real-time feedback, such as alarm events or when unauthorized access is detected.

    The TWiC remote control panel has been specially designed for reception and security applications. The TWiC device can satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of design and application functions. The TWiC is a very flexible device to meet user demands. It can be configured to control unlimited input channels.

    Display type 8 inch color touch screen
    Dimensions, mm 245x170x115
    Operating temperature, ° C 0 / + 60
    Storage temperature, ° C -25 / + 65
    Protection class IP40
    Power source 12V
    Communication interface RS-485, Ethernet

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