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    Sensitive sites and industries

    Accompanying the strengthening at entry

    An accurate control of parking areas’ entries

    Protection against high risk of attack

    Automatic barriers
    Road blockers FRB THANOS
    FRB TIRE killers A
    Automatic barriers
    Automatic barriers
    Automatic barriers
    • Sensible and industrial areas are susceptible targets to different problems as spying, sabotage and scaping. They must have a constant and efficient monitoring system to ensure safety.
    • A monitoring of employees and visitors in order to manage the access in your industries, military bases and other vulnerable areas. A silent solution with a small space requirement and energy consumption available in different devices: QR code, coins, bar codes, biometric etc.
    • A simple management of your vehicles in your parking areas thanks to our automatic boom barriers with motorized opening and closing gates, also equipped with a SAS function, thus facilitating the management of the entry of your vehicles into your car parks.
    • A better securing of perimeters and protected areas. Thanks to our road blockers and tire killers ultra-resistant and adapted to high-risk situations
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