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    Who are we?

    Founded in 2019 with more than 25 years old of expertise and DNA focused on innovation and service, FB Mecasystem is one of the leaders in the control of access sector. FB Mecasystem it has come a long way and succeeded in establishing itself as a recognized manufacturer of physicals and mechanicals obstacles based on French and European know-how.

    FB Mecasystem is present in three continents and more than 70 countries thanks to a wide network of partners and dealers.

    France – head office

    Saudi Arabia – Middle East subsidiary

     Ivory Coast – commercial and technical office

    Our philosophy and mission


    A deeper comprehension of needs by proposing adapted solutions with high added value


    A dynamic and reactive team which introduce innovation in the decision process


    Local, technological and eco-responsible manufacturing units


    A constant sourcing with the aim of developing long term, ecological and ergonomic solutions

    Our expertise

    FB Mecasystem design and manufacture products and solutions focused on security and control access of pedestrians and vehicles. Specialized ranges, one in the fight against terrorist attacks and another one in border control. 

    All of our products and solutions are designed to be robust, easy to install and feature the latest innovations and technologies as : 

    • Facial recognition
    • Temperature control 
    • Dangerous objects detection ( ex. Guns) 
    • Doppler, ultrasound

    Main criteria, FB Mecasystem’s production it can be integrated into all environments and climates thanks to a specific development adapted to extreme conditions. 


    FB Mecasystem propose

    Production units and partners

    Composed by a qualified and responsive team, FB Mecasystem collaborates with different specialists in order to elaborate a large range of products such as : turnstiles, gates and PRM Access of Fast-track passages, security barriers, pedestrians and vehicles barriers, bollards and Automatic and retractable parking bollards. 

    FB Mecasystem is an internationally oriented company with a large capacity of production which works with different partners and dealers. 

    • Western Europe : 5 dealers + 2 exclusives partners. 
    • Eastern Europe: 10 dealers + 3 exclusive partners. 
    • Africa: 2 dealers 
    • Middle east: 3 dealers 
    • North America: 1 exclusive partner

    Certifications and qualifications

    All the products designed and sold by FB Mecasystem are SGS ISO 9001: 2015 certified, certificate of conformity CE n° OSE-12-1017/02, registration certificate n° 32435 delivered by relevant authorities.

    Road Blockers and high security bollards certified according:

    • ASTM F2656-07, M50, P1 (-2,4m) et ASTM F2656-07, M30, P1 (-2,1m).
    • ASTM F2656 / F2656-15 et IWA14-1: 2013
    • ASTM F2656 / F2656-18a et IWA14-1: 2013
    • ASTM F 2656-07, M50, P1 (-0.6m)

    Our Showrooms

    Different showrooms are available to you :


    France, Gallardon 28320

    Côte d’Ivoire

    Ivory Coast – Abidjan

    Без названия

    Saudi Arabia – Damman and RIYADH


    United Arab Emirates – Abou Dabi

    Our production unit

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