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    Christophe COUTURIER


    Since 1996, we have been developing and designing the control of your pedestrian and vehicle access. Thanks to our wide range of products and services, FB Mecasystem is your preferred supplier of intelligent physical, mechatronic and electronic access control solutions.

    Our products are the first contact with your visitors and your staff, which is why it is essential that they are aesthetic, ergonomic and robust. We take special care in the selection of materials and the development of the design.  We always keep our finger on the pulse of modern innovations, constantly developing and improving our production so that all our references meet the highest level of technological and performance requirements of the physical protection market.

    The entire range is tested, certified and checked by recognized external bodies.  Installed in 70 countries around the world, our products protect thousands of people and goods every day, in private and public spaces. Our reputation is proof of your satisfaction combined with the effectiveness of our protections. I am aware of the importance of the quality of service as well as the quality and reliability of our products; This is why we reinvest significantly in R&D every year in order to offer the most efficient security solutions equipped with the latest developments.  I consider the environment at the heart of our actions with the desire to reduce our carbon footprint.To anchor this desire in our values, we have published an international charter for the treatment and reconditioning of recovered materials.

    Finally, dear customers, dear partners, dear users, my team and I thank you for your trust and assure you of our availability, our listening and our commitment to your side.



    Who are we?

    FB Mecasystem is a French brand of pedestrian and vehicle obstacles. We are a French designer and European manufacturer of world-class mechanical access control, mechatronic protection and physical obstacle equipment. We have 3 European locations, a branch in Africa and a global presence through our dealers. We have training units in France, Ukraine, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates serving installers and integrators.

     FB Mecasystem has chosen a clear commercial policy towards our distributors, dealers and integrators, which consists of support from A to Z for the full success of the projects. 

    Study, engineering, defense, technical assistance and commissioning.  On request of the client and / or the end customer, we can manufacture a turnstile, a rapid corridor or even a tailor-made airlock (including material and color) in order to adapt perfectly to the environment. of the site where it will be installed.  

    Our teams are at the service of our customers, integrators, dealers, urban planners, cities, design offices, architects, project owners and builders for whom we have showrooms and multiple supports allowing the development of projects up to ‘in the realization phase.  

    Our entire range meets the safety standards of each user country in Europe and worldwide.


    Certificates and Qualifications

    All products designed and sold by FB Mecasystem are SGS ISO 9001: 2015 certified, CE certificate of conformity n ° OSE-12-1017 / 02, registration certificate n ° 32435 issued by the competent authorities.

    Our production unit

    The company “FB Mecasystem” is a French company which develops, studies and manufactures the solutions of pedestrian and road obstacles of tomorrow. Our specialists develop a wide range of turnstiles, gates and disabled access, fast lanes, security barriers, road and pedestrian obstacles, bollards, retractable bollards and road blockers. Our production unit has more than 300 employees and is equipped with the best industrial technologies. This allows productivity, adaptability, quality, reliability and responsiveness essential to modern requirements.

    Our philosophy

    The company “FB Mecasystem” strives to continuously provide its customers and users with high quality products and services. Objective easy to achieve thanks to the provision of our quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, as well as the submission of our products to internal tests controlled and certified by external bodies in accordance with ASTM and IWA standards. “FB Mecasystem” products are installed in cities, government buildings, fitness centers or sports complexes, shopping centers, business centers, logistics buildings, residential complexes, strategic sites, nuclear power plants. and religious buildings. Our products are often the first bulwark, the first protection, against terrorist acts and physical attacks of all kinds.

    Proximity, trust and service are the path to common success!

    Reactivity & availability 24/7

    Competitive prices & discount

    High quality equipment

    Quality assurance and warranty (from 1 to 10 years)

    Individual and tailor-made solutions

    Energy efficiency & green

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